How can you use apricot kernel oil in oil treatment?

Oil treatment is one of many hair care methods used by women. It helps eliminate almost all scalp and hair problems. It can turn out helpful in case of hair loss, brittleness, premature grey hair, dandruff and split ends. For oil treatment to bring desirable results, you need to choose right oil for the job. Oil, perfect for all hair types is apricot kernel oil.

Oil treatment with apricot oil should be performed twice a week. How long will treatment last and how big should be dosage of oil depends on length, volume and level of damage of hair. In general, oil treatment depends on the application of proper amount of oil for needs of hair and scalp. You can leave cosmetic on hair for two hours or… over night. To achieve better results of treatment, wrap hair with towel. This way, you’ll create heat, which will improve absorption of active ingredients. Apricot oil can help with protection of ends against splitting and dryness. To finish this treatment, wash your hair with delicate shampoo, i.e. without SLS. Leave hair to dry; hot air from blow dryer can additionally damage hair, and whole treatment would go for nothing.

What properties does oil treatment with apricot oil have? The secret to its properties lies in its ingredients. Cosmetic consists of fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. Apricot oil has strong moisturising, regenerative and soothing properties. It provides hair with healthy gloss and makes them soft and smooth. After application hair aren’t weighted down or covered with greasy layer. In contrary, strands are light because apricot oil absorbs fast. Thanks to this treatment hair are visibly in better shape, roots are more nourished and strands – resistant to falling out and mechanical and chemical damages. Significant improvement undergo also ends, which are moisturised, protected against splitting and dryness. Apricot kernel oil influences positively scalp, and so soothes irritations, eliminates dandruff and limits sebum secretion by sebaceous glands.

If you want for oil treatment to bring any effect then you have to repeat it regularly. But that’s not all. Equally important is storage of apricot oil. Product should be kept in an airtight packaging, best in bottle made of dark glass. Cosmetic shouldn’t be liable to sunlight, humidity, air or extreme temperatures.